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This is my personal reinterpretation of PAKU PAKU by ABA Games. It will work on Casio Pocket Computers PB-100, PB-100F, as well as on the Tandy PC-4. You can find the original game by visiting https://abagames.github.io/crisp-game-lib-11-games/?pakupaku

You control the character indicated by the symbol '<' and you have to try to eat all the dots in the maze. A ghost, indicated by the Omega symbol, will chase you. If you collect the power pellet you can eat the ghost. But be careful, you have little time available! If the ghost catches up with you, it's game over.

This game requires a 1kbyte memory expansion (OR-1)


paku_pb100.wav.zip 13 kB
paku_pb100.source.txt 1.1 kB

Install instructions

You can download the WAV file and use it to load the game on a Casio PB-100, PB-100F or Tandy PC-4 pocket computer, by using a Casio FA-3 cassette interface or a similar device.

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